Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny possesses a striking body frame, a 1.5 litre engine and unquestionable adaptability. It's strong frame and 4WD means that it is the perfect car to tackle an situation you may find yourself in, however difficult it may be.


Bold and beautiful, the Jimny possesses an understated black grille which accentuates its signature round headlamps and muscular exterior. The distinctive and rugged design is undoubtedly desirable and appreciated by any one that sets eyes on it. With the rear seats folded down, the Jimny hosts a huge 377litres of luggage space perfect for those spontaneous camping trips or big christmas shops. The functional beauty of the Jimny does not stop there. The interior is filled with scratch and stain resistant panels to ensure it still looks the way it did the day you purchased it, 100,000 miles later.

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By default, the Jimny boasts a 1.5L 4 cylinder engine the Jimny has the ability to excite anyone that enters it. Additionally, its sturdy frame, 3-link rigid axle suspension, and 3 ample body angles provides maximum power when you need it most, allowing you to navigate nature's most extreme terrains. It also comes equipped with a steering damper on the front suspension to minimise the vibrations and kickback through the steering wheel. The unique ALLGRIP Pro 4WD with a low-range transfer gear provides maximum torque and traction to aid driving up the steepest of slopes.


The Jimny comes with a range of technology by default such as hill-hold control and hill descent helping you tackle those intimidating hills. Additional extras include traffic sign recognition, a 7" touchscreen sat-nav, climate control and heated front seats. Every piece of technology you would expect of a car of its stature, the Jimny has and more.

Needless to say, the sturdy body frame and enhanced safety features such as the steering damper make the Jimny one of the safest cars on the market. Book a test drive today either by filling out an enquiry form or giving us a call on phone number displayed at the top of the site. Alternatively, visit Beechwood in to speak to one of our very qualified staff who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Petrol Manual 1.3L
Engine Capacity 1,328
Maximum Speed 87